Dance artist, licensed massage therapist

Yet Untitled

After nEW festival 2010 (winter) I have been thinking about ritual. I was in a master class of Mark Haim who taught about the concept of rituals and how we can create our personal rituals… I think I want to explore this work as my ritual during the next months until I feel the piece is complete and round. (I know Deborah Hay and Anna Halprin have been working around this concept).

Originally base in a music score that I created this work has been set free from the original structure. I am exploring how to let the work define itself as much as possible by trying to listening and been present every-time I rehearse it.

Description: The work started as a “Moving Family Portrait“,during the creative process this portrait has become also about time passing. The work, even if unfinished yet, speaks about mundane and humane nature.