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…eb oT

...eb oT Photo

Photo: Charles Daniels

    …eb oT (2010)

Choreography and Music: Guillermo Ortega Tanus
Music: Andres Drury and Guillermo Ortega Tanus
Will be premiered at Performance Mix Festival 2010

We are individuals who share social, historic, and economic events, which eventually shape our collective identity. …eb oT is a personal interpretation of the recent economic crisis, and the way in which it affected, what we considered as common lifestyle. I touch this subject by physicalizing feelings and motions that I have witnessed through the media and people around me. Words were drawn out of the media to feed the creations of the vocabulary of movement and original sound score.

    Performance History:

Meet the Artists/See the Work @UArts, nEW Festival, Philadelphia, PA (Work-in-Progress, Jan. 11, 2009)
Moving Men Series @ Dixon Place, New York, NY (Work-in-Progress, Mar. 17, 2009)
nEW Festival at the Drake Theater, Philadelphia, PA (Work-in-Progress, June 7, 2009)

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